It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Grad School

It’s definitely starting to feel a whole lot more like school. I’m currently typing this first part of the post draft while sitting at a table outside of the ridiculously busy Starbucks in the Hodges Library. Today I learned that their computers in the computer lab are somehow remarkably slower than the ones in the Mitchell Memorial Library on Mississippi State campus. Everyone is walking by with a backpack on…something I haven’t seen yet since I arrived to Knoxville and campus over two weeks ago (almost three weeks tomorrow!).

Oh, Kaitlin, what have you been up to since Sunday?

Lemme tell ya.

We had our “marathon of orientations” on Monday, which started out with the dietetic internship orientation at 10 AM. This was our second introduction to the people who attended the summer block-field seminar sessions that were held two weeks ago, but a great overall first introduction to our internship director and what will be required of us for the duration of the internship rotations. The second orientation was for the Public Health Nutrition concentration of the Master of Science in Nutrition students, where we learned more about the program and expectations. Our final orientation was for the entire Master of Science in Nutrition student body, which meant that the Cellular and Molecular concentration students joined us to meet more of the staff and faculty and learned more about campus in general.

The day finished with a nice in-traffic drive out to Oak Ridge for a pot-luck at the Dietetic Internship Director’s home.


Just when I think I won’t see anymore mountains…there are more! The Director also included in her driving directions to watch out for deer on her street. To my surprise, she was not lying!


This dinner enabled the interns to actually meet each other in a relaxed setting that didn’t involve being in a classroom and being terrified about the master’s program and our social lives for the next few years to come. Although I will not participate in the internship until the spring semester of 2017 (WOW!), it was so nice to actually get to know better the people that I will be having classes with!

Monday was the first day I realized just how busy I would be. It’s not like I didn’t know, but even my roommate was surprised I didn’t arrive back home until after ten-something that night.


And now, I am continuing this draft as I sit in theĀ dungeon basement of the Jesse Harris Building (the nutrition department building), where there is a cozy little student lounge and a computer lab. I have access to the Public Health Nutrition lab upstairs on the fourth floor, but I wanted some fun exploring the building first.

I am also eating a tasty Larabar! These things have really become life savers, and they’re so darn good. Kroger has them on sale, and they’re easy to throw in my purse with some fruit and dried vegetable slices to go for the busy day!


There are fruity flavors, but I’m way too partial to chocolate chip/brownie/cookie dough/peanut butter. That sweet tooth though.

I have my meeting with my advisor for this week in about thirty-ish minutes, and we’ll all be meeting as a lab at 3, and then we’ll be hanging out in Old City at Barley’s (YAY!). I’m definitely going to try a calzone that I’ve heard all too much good stuff about.

On Tuesday, all the nutrition department students attended the “Cultural Competency Express Workshop,” which was truly a great workshop focused on professionalism and culture in many aspects. Essentially, it was both an interactive and Power Point-heavy all day workshop in which we were able to determine that everyone has been given “rules” in their lives from their upbringing and environment, and we must learn to meet each other and be sensitive to other people’s accepted truths of the world and “rules.”

Wednesday was the first day of class! Check out this view I had on my walk to my building.


I had Metabolism at 11:15, and it’s only a fifty minute class. The professor is great; I just realized that I have to sit at the front of the classroom to be able to hear anything that he is even saying. I am DEFINITELY happy that I bought my little ASUS laptop to bring to class for notes. It’s a real life saver.

Speaking of first day, I decided to make a special first-day-of-graduate-school breakfast:


It consisted of eggs, turkey, provolone, swiss chard, and some bread from the landlord’s bakery. Super yummy! I have been putting good use to the swiss chard that gave me a headache with the ants last Saturday.

Another use? My sandwich meal I had during work last night:


And here’s just a nice picture of me in general. I received word that the blog is missing a little Kaitlin face action.


Work was pretty great last night. Besides being sent home early because of no one being there, I was able to see a good bluegrass/folk band! There was a Need to Breathe show next door, so we had some people come in before the show for food and drinks. We’re expecting for business to be a’boomin’ during football season!

Alas…the graduate school begins. Typically I would have a Nutrition Intervention in the Community Lab meeting that is held from about 9 AM-12 PM every Friday, except for today. Thankfully this fell into place because my car decided to poop out on me today and require me to bring it in to a dealership this morning. Rena-rena-renta car, y’all! That thing drivesĀ so nicely compared to my car!

And also, just for the joy of showing food and pictures in general? Here is my typical breakfast:


(Oatmeal, honey granola, banana, yogurt, and peanut butter. Coffee with cream also!)

Anyways. Going to work on studying before meeting with the advisor.

Until later!