Rainy Days and Old City Ways

As the title alludes to, it has been raining very generously here the past few days. I intended on biking the Greenway(s) around downtown, by the campus, and around the bridges…and then it rained. Check out all the Greenways here: www.cityofknoxville.org/greenways/

The seminars I have been attending with other Nutrition Master’s Students is to get an idea of what I will be doing either next summer or the summer after: traveling to a new location, having an RD preceptor, determining the needs and problems of the community, and implementing a process to evaluate. It was great to finally meet a few of the people I will be taking classes with, as well as others in my lab!

In between the rain on Friday, I did get the chance to explore the Fort Dickerson Park area. It’s a quick drive from my house, and I still had to trek up a nice little mountain. I love it! There is so much forest around me, complete with walking and biking trails. I was a little bit of a goof- I expected the Fort area to be the walking trail location. Not so much. The Fort area was complete with history regarding the Civil War and Fort Dickerson’s importance, and it still had great views. A little bit down the mountain was the Quarry Lake overlook, which I later learned the ACTUAL walking trail brings you to. I’m saving that trek for another day that it’s not raining. 



The overlook to the Quarry Lake. There were people kayaking there!

The overlook to the Quarry Lake. There were people kayaking there!

 Friday night I got to visit a good friend Attila. He lives in a pretty swanky loft that has a fantastic overview of a different side of the city.

Ignore my graceful reflection!

Ignore my graceful reflection!

 We walked over to Old City, which was my first exposure to such a fun part of the city! Full with bars, shops, coffee places, A BOBA TEA PLACE (soon to be ventured to), etc. We went to Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria, where Carolina Story were playing.

Carolina Story @ Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria.

Carolina Story @ Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria.

 A Friday night isn’t complete until you have long talks about life until late into the morning whilst walking around the city. Here’s a view looking towards the campus from the Gay Street bridge:


Obviously the picture doesn’t do justice…it’s a great view day or night. The city itself is so great. My roommate described it as “a little dot of blue in a sea of red county” when asking about government and policies here. There is such a large focus on well-being, with the number of farms in the surrounding area that come to the Farmer’s Markets and the number of trails, bike paths, and area public transportation. 

Speaking of Farmer’s Markets, here is part of my bounty from my first Saturday (last week) of being here:


 That is minus the kale and bibb lettuce that I also purchased. So many colors!

Here is the whopping $6.50 purchase from the market yesterday:


I am loving it!

I’ve been venturing into cooking more now, too, as I now have a kitchen with full storage ability only steps away from my room, as opposed to through three doorways and across a hallway. Or, in the case of when I lived at Herbert two years ago, down three flights of stairs and across a lobby. Right now, I am cooking this recipe in the slowcooker: http://grannysvitalvittles.com/crockpot-beef-stroganoff/

I added a carrot and the rest of my kale to it, so we shall see how it turns out! 

Class starts in ten days, and I am excited and nervous and ready and terrified all the same. I’m taking advantage of the free time while I still can, but I’m also trying to get up on the research jargon and knowledge as much as I can. I have a heck of a learning curve to work with, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to be here. It wouldn’t be graduate school without feeling all of the feels, right?

Until later!


The City of Knoxville Welcomes You!

Hello there!

My name is Kaitlin, and tomorrow will be the one week mark that I have lived in Knoxville, TN. I wanted to start this blog for a few reasons:

  • to let family and friends know what all I’ve been up to
  • to hone my writing skills in a public setting
  • to begin writing from a public health nutritionist (in-training) perspective
  • to display all the yummy things I’ve been making in this nice kitchen and share some tips along the way

Plus other things. I’ve already typed this post, and wordpress just kind of made it disappear into nowhere blogsphere. This is still definitely day 1 in learning the ropes.

I do have seminars to attend first thing in the morning, but I promise to return with pictures and stories of the Greenway routes and a concert.

Until later!