Free(ish) Day!

Now that my very first ever graduate school exam is now complete, I took a lot of decent time Thursday for myself. There was work that was still done, mind you! My Biostatistics class didn’t meet on Tuesday night, so we have a nice, hefty Excel/SPSS/SAS assignment due in a few days. I managed to get a (hopefully) seemingly decent chunk done today immediately after our exam and class.

But, in fun news, I got to try out a PiYo class with some classmates at the Rec Center here. Mississippi State University’s Sanderson Center can take some notes from this place…or at least from my first impressions! The actual free weight and machine area is a large open space, and yet it still managed to seem completely full of people. There are a ton of studios, which are large enough to hold a nice sized class. Also, you don’t have to pay a semester fee for towel rental: it’s free! Interestingly, this one instance was the time in which I utilized my ID card since I’ve gotten it. Have to make sure that I’m me! And you register 15-30 minutes before the class starts, and they print out the names on a list to double check you as you go into the studio.

Let’s see…since I’ve last written, I have been late to one class (Thank you, commuter parking lots) ((Trust me, I drove left my house forty-five minutes before class started…it was devastating. I thankfully found a meter to feed quarters and had to keep running out in between class in order to keep its hunger satiated.

Check out this gem I found along the way:


Some drivers here are just pretty darn terrible. I almost got hit today by a guy backing out of his parking spot because he was looking down at his phone the entire time. I got mad. He didn’t care.

I saw another girl attempt to U-turn in an intersection unsuccessfully. She scraped up the front bumper of her car on the sidewalk, and had to nearly rip it off to get in reverse.

Yay, college drivers.

So, here is a picture of the walkway that was just re-opened very recently. It connects the Hill (one of many) to the library and main passenger walkway, which saves a bunch of time and calf strength.


So, I can’t forget to mention about the boyfriend coming to visit. We thankfully had Labor Day to have an extra day to enjoy each other’s company! Here he is being a ninja at Nama Sushi:


And, more importantly, here is our attempt at cooking with next-to-no ingredients. We got lazy and short on time. We had Boomsday on Saturday (plus a full day of studying beforehand), I had work on Sunday during the game, and he left to return home Monday as I went in to work.



If you’re just dying to know, we made Toad in the Hole with two pieces of bread by slicing out a circular piece of the bread and placing a cracked egg into the hole. On the other pieces of bread, we put tomato paste, Swiss cheese, pepper jack cheese, and a good bit of garlic salt and Italian seasoning. Voila! Broke college kid fare. And goodness, was it delicious!

Also…Boomsday. We just walked from my place across the bridge to get down to Volunteer Landing, and then decided that scene was way too crowded for us to find a spot to just lay out on the blanket. So, across a few highway barriers and over a set of railroad tracks, we found a perfect isolated spot just far enough away from the overbearing crowd. The only downside was that we didn’t get to see the cascade firework part on the underside of the Henley bridge, but we got to see everything above it!







There were hearts and smiley faces and the coolest-looking fireworks I have ever seen. I’m definitely happy that we got to go!

So, ready for another recipe? Check this gem out:

I definitely made some changes, just because I’m a bit on the cheaper side of life right now. I didn’t have chicken because I didn’t have time to thaw some frozen breasts during my study break last night. I also bought grape tomatoes specifically for this recipe, but somehow forgot to throw them in. Oops.



But look at it! I promise it is as delicious as it looks.

Speaking of food, the landlords brought over even more goodies.



I’m telling y’all. This is great. It’s the best form of promotion, as I’m craving Flour Head Bakery items often now. My belly says yes and my mind says moderation.


So, flash forward. It is Sunday evening, September 7th. Important perspectives: my birthday is in less than three weeks away. The next metabolism test is the Thursday after this Thursday. Also, time management has been a good buddy here.

Through some decent hours of struggle, watching tutorials, googling answers with no luck, and too much trial-and-error, we finally successfully completed the Biostats assignment. But not before forgetting that I had a good few articles to read and some training to perform before my one class tomorrow. But, the mere feeling of having the assignment accomplished? Gosh, it. is. glorious.

Some Kaitlin pictures does the world good.

This is Kaitlin in her natural study habitat at the dining room table:


and here is Kaitlin before business casual Friday. The light quality in the house isn’t exactly the best…so my pictures are normally blurry there.


On Friday, we got to sit in on a Let’s Move Coalition meeting, which is this annual physical activity and healthful eating fair for children held right here in Knoxville. There were multiple stakeholders, such as sponsors, instructors, and department leaders. It was a great experience to be a part of to watch event progress unfold right before my eyes. Beforehand, we attended a School Food Service Nutrition orientation and learned that the county of Knoxville has about 45,000 students to feed. Wow.

While we were leaving the building, this sign made me laugh a lot:


There will be more food experiments this week, I promise. I’m currently still munching on leftovers and egg sandwiches, which are bombtastic. Friday night I mistakenly ordered a customer a pizza, but then earned it by selling the most chicken teriyaki pizzas. Balance! And then yesterday I bought an O’veg sandwich from work, and I’m still munching on both of those. My belly is full, my heart is happy, and my life is good.

Until later!




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