How Many Days Until Friday…?

I lied last week.

Grad school actually hit this week. Like yesterday.


My Tuesdays are oh-so-pleasant…pleasant enough to have Biostatistics from 5-8 PM. After having two classes earlier in the day, plus some running around to do the drug and alcohol screening examination (including some old-fashioned getting lost and taking the wrong exits), I decided I could at least treat myself to a fried green tomato, bacon, tomato jam, and pimiento cheese sandwich with a friend. And a Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan to boot. 


Each Tuesday (during the summer, at least that I know of), Knoxville’s Market Square hosts Jazz in the Square. People bring out lawn chairs and blankets and just hang out to enjoy the music. Have I mentioned that I love this place?

Last Friday, I got to go out to Barley’s with two of the Nutrition labs. It was a ton of fun, and it definitely helped to get to talk to people and get to know them better! 


My roommate was forever telling me about how delicious their calzones are. LOOK AT IT. It was so beautiful, and I even got to save half of it for lunch on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, look at my Farmer’s Market bounty! Complete for only $17.40:


It was only $17.40 and not $20.40, since I decided to tell the one farm that gave me the ant-infested swiss chard about what happened. I was buying carrots from them, and they apologized and gave me the carrots for free! 



Plus these guys were adorable. The market is filled with dogs and good people in general. I visited a jewelry place and talked to the owner, who gave me a 10% off “discount token” to bring in whenever I wanted to buy something! I explained to her the grad school life budget I’m on, and why I wanted to save up for buying a nice necklace. She appreciated a good budgeting in a college student!


So this is the view outside of my parking garage that I every so often get the chance to park at. It’s a bloody war to get into that spot throughout the day.


This is the view outside of the lab. I know I will be living there a good bit over the next few years…at least.

The weekend was full of *good* work! We had a band at the pub, so we were crazy busy. I loved the cover band- I was able to sing and dance along while working the whole time. I got to wear my fun head band from Peru:


As far as my food adventures go, here’s a little yummy-ness that I made with my Market Square Farmer’s Market goodies:


Vegetable Sweet and Sour (link to and recipe from

I made some brown rice to throw with it and it has been SO yummy! I also didn’t get pineapple juice because I wrongly assumed that the pineapples I bought from the store would have enough juice to tide me over…nope. So I used some leftover orange juice we had, and it substituted quite well! We also didn’t have brown sugar, so I used some of my organic cane syrup I picked up from the store to sweeten my coffee in the mornings.

The roommate and I shared a frozen dinner tonight (blasphemy!), but it gave me a little free time to update this, and to take a break from tackling this:


I like this method. It’ll work well. Who needs technology?

Until later!


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