Sunday Funday

I was exhausted last night from not a lot of sleep the night before, so my eventful night was full of Sherlock and sleeping. I can now understand the fandom over that show since it’s so great. My roommate and I watched a few episodes today, along with introducing me to Community. The things I have been missing out on pop culture-wise… 

But no fear! A full day of orientations tomorrow, a full day of a workshop on Tuesday, and class beginning on Wednesday will keep me busy!

After orientations tomorrow, there will be a potluck at the dietetic internship director’s home for dinner with all of the future interns. I made this jewel of a recipe today: Roasted Tomato Pasta with Mozzarella (link to and recipe from Midwest Living)



 My tomatoes from the Farmer’s Market yesterday that I chopped up today. It was a simple recipe that tastes great, and my roommate contributed fresh snipped basil from the garden. We’ll see how everyone thinks about it at the potluck tomorrow!

Today, the roommate and I decided to go running at Fort Dickerson Park (previously mentioned in another post, in which I describe going to the wrong side of the park to look at the Civil War Memorial Park and the overlook of the Quarry instead!). Can I just say that I love running outside? In nature? By the quarry lake and in the woods and off the road? Gosh it’s great.


This is the entrance to the greenway and the road leading to the quarry lake. The vast amount of kudzu covering the hills and everything surrounding you here cannot be captured in these pictures.




This is the quarry lake, where a lot of people were swimming and enjoying the Sunday afternoon.






This last picture was from a cliff. There are a few cliffs to jump from…including a 100 ft one where someone had passed away this year, and another man told me that he previously injured some vertebrae and his sternum jumping from it. Does not sound like the best of times.

Also, for a laugh, apparently I took a few pictures while running and didn’t realize it.


This place is gorgeous. I intend to find some other parks and explore some more.


This is a very picture-heavy post, but that’s what everyone wants to see anyways, right? Besides, all I did was watch tv, catch up with the family, make food, and run around a park. Maybe it wasn’t much of a lazy Sunday after all.

Until later!