Fairs and Markets and Ants, Oh My!

I didn’t think my life would have been so interesting in the last twenty-four hours, but it certainly somehow managed to be!

Work went pretty well last night. My co-workers and managers are great to work with, and the environment itself is fun. I feel like I had the opportunity to work out a lot of first-timer kinks, but it has been fun learning about drinks and bars.

My roommate’s family is in visiting, so I tried my hardest not to wake them up when I got back last night. Jack’s a good little guard dog, so that mission was impossible from the get-go.

On to the Market!

Part of the Farmer's Market

Part of the Farmer’s Market

Please keep in mind that you can click on any picture to see it in a bigger view! Some of the outdoor pictures in a previous post would look a lot better than this small size.

I couldn’t figure out why traffic was so insanely hectic today, and why the “special events” boards were up blocking the entrance to the Market Square parking garage. (Although I did follow the car in front of me, and they turned down another street to get to a side entrance to the garage. Sweet!) Turns out, today was the East Tennessee History Fair!

What is this, you may ask?

Just some really cool reason for people to walk around in costume and for the History Museum to showcase all of their historical goodies from the American timeline. While I was initially purchasing food from the Farmer’s Market and talking to vendors, I kept seeing people walking around in costume and was confused. Not even a street over from the market, the real life timeline was set up throughout the park.




I came across a gentleman who was picking off the ends of green beans, snapping them in half, and throwing the beans into a basket. I learned a lot about the trials of food preservation, and specifically how to preserve green beans in the sun!



This last picture is the strung-up green bean line. You run a needle through the middle of the beans (horizontally) and hang the line up during the day in direct sunlight. You have to take it down in the evening and bring it inside so that dew doesn’t collect on it.

He even let me prepare some green beans!


And Lincoln just casually strolling around and greeting the common folk:




I also came across a man who was performing blacksmith work.





I also learned a cool little chunk of history today specifically relating to East Tennessee’s importance in women’s suffrage.




I am taking excerpts out of The Suffrage Coalition’s brochure:

“In 1920, 35 out of 36 states needed had ratified the suffrage amendment… Delaware and Tennessee were the last hopes for ratification. When Delaware defeated it in June, all eyes turned to Tennessee with hopes it would be the “Perfect 36.” The Senate passed the ratification resolution, but the House was down to a dead tie. After receiving a letter from his mother to be a “good boy” and support the amendment, Harry Burn of Niota changed his red rose that was pinned on his lapel (in significance of opposing the amendment) to the yellow rose to show his support. It was down to the 24-year-old to make history. Even though he felt an obligation to vote in accordance with his constituents in McMinn County, he also “instinctively understood the fairness in the notion of allowing all citizens to vote.”

Talk about a stressful day.


This is found in the Market Square, which is the Tennessee Woman Suffrage Memorial, established by the Suffrage Coalition. It “exists to uncover and preserve the dramatic and inspiring history of Tennessee’s role in bringing the vote to American women.”

There will soon be a Burn Memorial to commemorate Harry Burn and his mother around the Square as well, “to ensure that this story is not lost and will serve as an inspiration to those who must make difficult decisions under the glare of strongly held opposing opinions.”

Keep your eyes and ears open long enough, and you will learn some amazing things.


Obligatory cool food truck post. I didn’t get the chance to grab anything from the trucks today, but maybe next week as a treat!

Today I bought some produce for my roommate, and I grabbed some cherry tomatoes and swiss chard for myself.This swiss chard. It had the ants. All the ants. It better be good.

I ran to Kroger afterwards to finish shopping, and upon my return home I discovered that there were ants all over my car, all over my Farmer’s Market food, everywhere.

Long story short? I washed each leaf individually and killed a nearly endless amount of ants. I also learned to check my produce SUPER THOROUGHLY at the Market. Or else I’ll spend half an hour doing that over the sink.

Ant encounter number three so far. Odds aren’t looking great right now. I keep shaking myself thinking I’m covered in tons of crawling ants.

I have no more things. I’m beyond exhausted and may retire before 8 PM tonight.
But first, here’s a picture of someone really important.


I don’t know if you can tell that I miss him a ton and can’t wait for him to visit.

Until later!